Fall. Fleece. Fashion? What October is for this Bushwhacker

Fall. Fleece. Fashion? What October is for this Bushwhacker

We hear it every year. October is a time for transition. The humidity of the Summer season has faded, shade trees lose their leaves, and evening walks and rides now require headlights and high-vis clothing. It takes a little extra effort to enjoy the outdoors in October. But with hard work comes great rewards. October is the best month!

I’ll admit I am a fleece and light jacket - outdoor clothing type of guy. I think most men are. Picking out stylish button ups, T-shirts, and polos is difficult. They all look the same! But picking out a cool new jacket is easy. Plus they cover up our failures in fashion and fitness underneath. This is why October is the best month. Pants replace shorts. Fleece can be worn indoors. Skinny legs, expanding waist lines, and other little imperfections of the body get hidden from view. There are tons of great activities that only happen in the fall. We chop down trees, cut firewood, then hang out at bon fires, roast marshmellows, drink Oktoberfest beers, and camp out without sweating all night.

Nothing Smells Better!

Surely men are not the only ones who love the change from summer to fall, and to fall outdoor clothing. Maybe the cool weather leads to cozy cuddle sessions, blankets by the fire, or an extra glass of wine for warmth at night. For certain the change in the season is an excuse for both sexes to buy more outdoor clothing and dressing in layers is not only fashionable, it is the most functional way to stay warm.

Here’s my tip for a great October day. Start the morning with a t shirt covered up by a light sweater or fleece. Throw on a windbreaker as you head out the door. Then as the morning warms up, ditch the jacket and enjoy at outdoor lunch along Grandview or Fondulac to see the colors. After work put the jacket back on, grab a head light and go out for cool evening bike ride. Maybe take the trail to drop in for a drink at Rhodells or the Peoria Brewing Company. Head back home, start a fire in the fireplace or backyard fire pit. Eat outside by the fire, listen to the leaves rustling in the wind, then grab your favorite book, sketch pad, or board game. Sit and enjoy. (Or if you’re a Cubs fan watch the game and try not to cry yourself to sleep).

For a great weekend repeat all the steps above, but replace going to work with a trip to Tanners or Starved Rock State Park. The drive from Peoria along the river is worth it on its own. On the way back take a detour to check out Flour House Bakery in Princeton, grab a few of their amazing monster cookies. Head home, fire up the grill, avoid watching the Bears, and relax.

Perfectly charred, not burnt. Squeeze hard, melt the chocolate.

Brad’s Top Picks for Fall:

  1. Sam Adams OktoberFest
  2. Patagonia R1 or R2 Jacket
  3. Kuhl Revolvr Pants
  4. Smartwool Hiking Light Socks
  5. 3 rectangles of a Hershey’s Chocolate bar, 2 Graham Crackers, and Perfectly Roasted Marshmellow Sandwiched into a mouth watering Smore.
  6. More Sam Adams OktoberFest