Intro to Kayaking


Join Kathy and her crew for an introduction to kayaking.  Kathy is a certified Level I instructor with the ACA. 

The location varies throughout the year.  Check our  Events Calendar for upcoming dates.  Carpools leave from Bushwhacker or meet at the location at the given start time. 

Kathy will give basic instruction, in this "Fun First" event.  The instructor will get in touch with you prior to the course, giving you guidelines for what to wear, what to bring, and what to eat.  You'll get a chance to try a few different styles of kayaks, to compare how length, width, and shape affect how the kayak moves in the water.  

Bushwhacker provides the equipment.

$55 for 2-3 hours on the water. 

Call us (309) 692-4812 for details.